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Midnight Club: Los Angeles (E10+)is the fourth video game in the Midnight Club series of racing video games. It was officially announced for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on January 11, 2008 by Rockstar Games. The game was developed by Rockstar San Diego. The game features 43 cars and 4 motorcycles.The open world map of Los Angeles is confirmed to be the size of all three cities from the previous installment combined.It has also been confirmed by several sources that each car has a polygon count of roughly 100,000.After several delays, Midnight Club: Los Angeles was released on October 20, 2008 in North America and on October 24, 2008 in the PAL region.

The game is set in the city of Los Angeles, again providing the option to completely free-roam (in an open world environment larger than all the three cities combined from the previous game, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition). New additions are a 24 hour day-to-night cycle, weather effects and traffic with licensed vehicles, adding a realistic aspect to the game. The new dynamic weather system has been reported to alter the gameplay experience, making the vehicle more prone to sliding in the rain. After races, if any damage is inflicted upon the vehicle, the player doesn't necessarily have to drive back to the garage for a full repair, but instead can choose the "Quick Fix" option through which old, junkyard-esque parts will be added to the car. To get the nice look back, the player must actually drive back to repair their vehicle at a garage or at a gas station, so totaling the car is only possible within a single race or event. With the RAGE system being used for this game, traffic levels fluctuate throughout the day, with heavy traffic in the morning and afternoon, and little traffic at night. Motorcycles are again part of the game, including the Ducati 999R and the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. Convertible cars, customizable interiors, in-game photo mode, and customizable exotics are all new additions. Developers placed great emphasis on the elimination of load screens, stating that the player can literally jump from career mode to an online race in under ten seconds.

Los Angeles is said to be the longest of the four Midnight Club games, with more than ten different types of races including series races, tournaments, pink slip races, and freeway races. For most races, the player must race against an opponent to the start line to earn extra rep (a leveling system used to determine the player's skill in the game) before the actual race, although this can be skipped. The races also have four different difficulties: easy, medium, hard, and hardest. The difficulties are color-coded with green being easy, yellow being medium, orange being hard, and red being hardest. Each successive difficulty race has greater rewards than the former.

Special abilities have also been brought into the game (a returning feature from the previous installment), which include EMP, which disables the electronics of every vehicle around the player; Agro, which makes the player's vehicle indestructible giving him the ability to plow through traffic without slowing the car down; Roar, which sends out a sound wave moving traffic out of the player's way for a clear and straight path through the streets; and Zone, which slows down time and allows the player to gain a temporary boost in handling. The previous installment had restricted special abilities to certain cars, but all cars in this game can now use any one of the special abilities as chosen by the player. The abilities can also be changed in a garage at any time.

Police return but are no longer scripted to a specific race; they take notice to simple infractions in the game (running red lights, burning out, hitting their cars or nearby cars, and driving offroad). If caught, the player has the choice to pull over (which will initiate a special cutscene when the police car approaches) or lead the police into a pursuit. The game goes into "pursuit mode" after a period of time or if the police lose sight of the player; this will also happen if the player pulls off during the "pull over" cutscene. Infractions that cause it to go directly to pursuit mode include speeding and excessively damaging a police car. They will chase the player no matter where the player is and the longer the player runs from them, the higher the fine will be if the player is arrested. The player will be arrested instantly if he totals (damages out) his vehicle.

Additionally, there are sixty collectables hidden throughout Los Angeles that the player can find. They appear as yellow oil barrels with Rockstar's logo printed on them. Every ten collectables that are found will unlock one of six game modifiers (mentioned in-game as "cheat codes"), while finding half and all of the collectables will unlock achievements. However, enabling any of these special modifiers (with the exception of a modifier that unlocks an overhead view camera) will prevent the player from earning money, rep, and further career progression.

Online play supports sixteen players at once and a number of new modes will be introduced including, Keep Away where the player must hold the flag as long as he can and Stockpile in which there are numerous flags to be captured. New online power-ups mentioned include Mirror (will reflect any power-up fired at the player back to the person who fired it), Agro (will act the same as the offline special ability, increasing the players vehicle weight and enabling them to crash through other vehicles without taking damage or slowing down), and Random (gives the player a random power-up). A new aspect entitled "Rate My Ride" was also introduced, where players can go online to view, rate, sell and buy user-modified vehicles.PlayStation Network trophies are also included, with a total of 46 trophies to be won.

The game includes a Race Editor features that allows the player to make the best tracks ever for online play. A fringe benefit of the mode is that it also allows free-roaming of the game map (including picking up collectables and earning various achievements) without traffic, police, damage or other gameplay interference.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is a part of Rockstar's Social Club and includes features that track the stats of the player's driving and potentially award them with various in-game content such as hydraulics, TIS rims, and the Audi R8. In order to obtain these rewards, players must fulfill certain requirements to achieve their C-License, their B-License, and A-License. Once each license is acquired, a new reward is obtained. Players can also view their in-game "Rate My Ride" vehicle's rating, rate other player's vehicles, view their statistics and compare them with other players, view online leaderboards, and upload and share in-game photos. The Social Club also hosts online tournaments that award prizes to winning entrants.

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